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AHS past performance and achievements are a testimony to our commitment to meeting changing State needs, providing outstanding services and mirroring States’ commitment to fiscal responsibility – all characteristics States need when partnering with a vendor.

Flexibility, Agility, and Responsiveness

Time and time again, AHS demonstrated our flexibility, agility, and responsiveness related to helping States’ meet their changing needs. We consistently rose to the challenge when asked by States to:

  • Conduct significant contract expansions – taking on new geographic areas, additional populations, and increased scopes of work; and
  • Assist in designing, implementing, and transitioning to new managed care models.
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First-Class Programs and Services

AHS’ State contract monitoring staff continually praise AHS for our ability to deliver top-performing solutions, effective and efficient operations, and first-class customer service. AHS’ commitment to providing exceptional services has also been publically acknowledged.

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Fiscal Responsibility

AHS is committed to being fiscally responsible and has proven our ability to support States with their budget needs.

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