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Automated Health Systems is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Internship Program


Automated Health Systems has an internship program which allows the intern to observe and interact with many different departments within the company to better understand the contracts AHS administers. Students seeking a degree in Health Policy Administration or a similar field have an opportunity to experience how a health service organization functions. However, internships are not limited to only students majoring in Health Policy Administration. The program also allows the intern flexibility in selecting an area of focus that is of particular interest to her/him (i.e., Accounting, Information Technology, Project Management).

"Automated Health Systems offers a wonderful learning environment for a student intern. Through the interaction with many professionals, you are able to learn not only about the current healthcare environment, but also the professional world. You are trusted with important projects and much time and interest is invested in your professional development."
-Jeanine Palilla, Penn State University
College of Health and Human Development

“The internship experience at Automated Health Systems has tremendously facilitated my professional and personal growth. The essential experience that I have acquired in a mere ten weeks has truly bolstered my skill set, knowledge base, and confidence level. With the guidance and support of all of the individuals within the organization, I was able to accomplish numerous goals/objectives, as well as develop a useful tool for the company. I consider AHS to be a wonderful place to develop a professional identity.”
-Amanda Beam, Penn State University
College of Health and Human Development

“Automated Health Systems offers a unique and real life experience through its Human Resources Internship. As an intern in a small department, you not only witnesses, but also experience firsthand the fast paced and always changing field of Human Resources. Automated Health Systems involves their interns in both the daily tasks of an HR Department and their current projects and programs, giving an intern experiences that are impossible to gain through a classroom alone. Internship experience is a vital part of a student’s professional development, and Automated Health Systems provides experiences, knowledge, abilities, and skills that are readily applicable in any Human Resources career.”
-Madeleine Glenn, University of Pittsburgh,
College of Business Administration
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