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Wellness Timeline
2002 – Start of Employee Wellness Program

2004 – Start of 10K-A-Day Walking Program

2006 – Start of Corporate Health Challenge Gold Program

2006 – First Year Participating in SWIF Annual Turkey Trot

2007 – Start of Monday Night Workouts

2009 – Start of Yoga Foundations Class

2011 – Start of Corporate Health Challenge Bronze Program

2013 – Named as winner of the HEALTHIEST EMPLOYERS® award Healthiest Employers Winner 2013 Wellness Program Calendar 2013


HEALTHIEST EMPLOYERS is a registered trademark of Healthiest Employer, LLC and is used with permission.
Corporate Wellness Program


The impact of health issues in our work environment can be detrimental to both the employee and AHS. Significant health problems can affect productivity, work place morale, and safety. These issues have far-reaching implications for the future stability of both AHS and its employees.

AHS considers its employees not only a part of our future growth and stability, so by offering a Employee Wellness and Corporate Health Challenge Programs (CHC) we hope to help everyone on a pathway to better health and wellness.

  • Employee Wellness Program – Monthly activities that the Corporate Human Resources Department promote to raise health awareness. Activities include, Clean off Your Desk Day, Wear Red Day for the American Heart Association, and Lee Denim Days for Breast Cancer Awareness.

  • Corporate Health Challenge Gold Program – An incentive based 13 or 26 week program in which employees work out with a Stick with It Fitness Trainers once a week, as well as have the opportunity to attend Monday Night Workouts and Yoga Foundations Class. Employees participate in Biometric Testing and Functional Movement Screens with the opportunity to win a cash incentive!

  • Corporate Health Challenge Bronze Program – An incentive based 26 week program in which employees log their nutrition, aerobic, and resistance activities. Employee’s participant in a Pre and Post Test with the opportunity to win a cash incentive!

The program philosophy we have chosen to implement, which is designed by ChangeRx, is based on the knowledge that most people require guidance in developing an understanding of how to live a healthy and productive life. Our approach to providing this health and lifestyle management guidance is based on a firm scientific footing, supported by a realistic and balanced nutrition, conditioning, restorative, and accountability methodology that has been proven over time with thousands of success stories.

The maturing process brings benefits and challenges. As we pursue our careers, complete our education, and raise our families we somehow neglect exercise and nutrition. Before you know it years slip by and we all have a few extra inches on our body and we can’t move as quickly as we once did. We all plan to get back to a healthier life style when we “get around to it.” Hopefully this program will inspire you to get started and you will join me on a journey to improved health. I encourage and challenge everyone to join me in this voluntary wellness program in the effort to improve the quality of your health and well-being. Thank you.

Kimberly A. Conner, MS
Director of Human Resources, Training and Development

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