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Qualified Income Trust


When a State transitions eligibility determination under 1634, the importance of understanding the vulnerability of the population served by Medicaid and the complexity of the process needed to ensure continued eligibility is important. In order to minimize disruptions in coverage, AHS provides program education and personal assistance with each step of the eligibility and enrollment process specific to maintaining coverage under the new rules. These steps include establishing qualified income trusts (QIT) and opening bank accounts specifically needed for trust administration.

Additional information about these contracts is provided below.

AHS’ Qualified Income Trust Contracts
Time Period Location Contracting Agency Program
2016 – Present Ohio Ohio Department of Medicaid Ohio Qualified Income Trust
Ohio Qualified Income Trust

In 2015, the Ohio Department of Medicaid awarded us a contract to assist with their transition to a 1634 State. We drew from our proven methods of on-the-ground research, stakeholder engagement, and member and family member education and empowerment to support them in setting up a Qualified Income Trust to maintain their eligibility. Effectively implementing this program will eliminate Spend Down calculations and collections and allow the State to accept the SSA’s eligibility determination.

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