Health Insurance Exchange (HIX)

AHS uses time-tested methodologies to deliver insights and solutions for today’s complex health care landscape.

Not only do we provide state-based Exchange contact center services, we also have performed various pilot programs and initiatives that are related to the Affordable Care Act and health insurance exchange work. We are the current Health Insurance Exchange contact center contractor for HealthSource Rhode Island.

Our extensive knowledge of the ACA and similar work provides us with several key skills. Specifically, we have experience supporting callers through transitioning health care delivery systems at times when media attention and political discourse contributed to high levels of confusion. We bring our excellent operational performance, along with established call center tools, to deliver outstanding performance and guide callers to the best-fit decision from their available options. Our insight and experience provides many benefits to our customers:

  • A comprehensive understanding of how Exchange, Medicaid, and CHIP programs interoperate.
  • An understanding of the similarities and differences of eligibility and enrollment for each program type.
  • A recognition of how individuals churn among various programs, and how our tools and scripting can help individuals stay informed.
  • A deep historical perspective on the background and implementation of ACA-type programs and how they have changed; we have the tools and experience to help predict future programming changes and adapt to them.











Providence, RI


These benefits translate into meaningful results for our clients and the callers we serve.

Benefits to Callers
  • High satisfaction rates;
  • Better attainment of SLAs;
  • More informed consumers; and
  • Better coordination and more clearly defined handoffs with Medicaid.
Benefits to Clients
  • Better able to meet client goals and vision;
  • Better partnership to support ongoing needs and challenges; and
  • Better able to support clients through periods of change and make proactive recommendations in response to emerging situations.

“AHS has provided me with an opportunity to grow and be challenged. I appreciate being treated as a person rather than a number which is rare in today’s working environments.”

Patrick McNutt
Call Center Manger