A Letter from Our President

Dear Colleagues,

The end of the year brings a time for reflection and gratitude. As I reflect on calendar year 2018, Automated Health Systems has much that inspires both pride and gratitude.

I am grateful for our clients across the country. Some of our clients have partnered with us for over 20 years; others are newer partnerships. Through each client, we have formed relationships with dedicated and inspiring team members who have given us opportunities to grow and learn. Regardless of the tenure of our partnerships, all our clients share a dedication to the recipients we jointly serve and a commitment to innovation. We are honored to serve as the face of our clients and are inspired by the trust they impart in us to serve with dignity and compassion.

I am grateful for our staff whose work is vitally important and often results in a meaningful difference in the lives of public program recipients. Each day, our staff performs the hard work of meeting the needs of callers (often in intense circumstances), processing eligibility documents, performing enrollments, mailing and receiving critical documents, and many other essential tasks. This work is demanding and requires thought and careful attention to detail. Each day, our staff rise and meet these challenges.

I continue to be inspired by the hard work of all AHS departments. Our Human Resources staff work tirelessly to find talented staff who share our compassion and commitment to service. Our Information Technology (IT) staff program innovative solutions and routinely challenge AHS to remain on the cutting edge. Each additional team member performs valuable work that helps us succeed. I feel blessed to work in an organization such as ours where talent, commitment and creativity all contribute to service.

Last, I am grateful for the future opportunities that 2019 will bring. These opportunities include continuing to challenge ourselves in our ongoing pursuit of excellence, meeting the needs of our clients with original and cost-effective solutions, and growing our business so that AHS continues to thrive.

As an orthodox priest, I wish those who celebrate Christmas, a very Merry Christmas. And for those who do not observe Christmas, I wish you health, happiness and peace in the new year.

Yours sincerely,

Moses Haregewoyn