Florida Starts Medical Assistance Program

AHS congratulates the State of Florida on the successful launch of the State’s Managed Medical Assistance (MMA) program that converted approximately three million Medicaid eligible recipients to a new program. We are proud of our partnership with the State as well as with our performance during this transition. Despite call volumes that tripled our traditional volume, we did not miss a single SLA during the transition. We are proud of the role we played in helping the State earn the compliments and respect of stakeholders.

“Molina Healthcare of Florida has been pleased with the seamless rollout and implementation of Florida’s SMMC program. As a result of our strong partnerships with the State, providers and community-based organizations, we have delivered on our commitment to provide Florida’s Medicaid population with high-quality health care. We are pleased to be able to assist new enrollees in the MMA program with a high-touch, innovative care model, allowing access to care management and assistance in coordinating services in various government programs, including Long-term Care and Medicare.”

  • David Pollack, President
    Molina Healthcare of Florida, Inc.