AHS Awarded Contract by the Missouri Department of Social Services

Automated Health Systems (AHS) was awarded a contract from the Missouri Department of Social Services to provide Beneficiary Support Center services for the State of Missouri’s Managed Care, Modified Adjusted Gross Income (MAGI)/non-Modified Adjusted Gross Income (non-MAGI), Premium Collections, and Blind Pension programs. Through this contract, AHS will provide a Beneficiary Support Center that serves all current and future MO HealthNet eligible participants. The contract includes providing enrollment broker services, developing and launching a web portal and provider directory, and supporting premium collection services.

“Our experience provides us with a unique ability to deliver outstanding services to the State of Missouri while also improving the technical platform available to MO HealthNet (Medicaid) eligibles. We could not be more excited to provide eligibles with excellent service and provide DSS with our unwavering commitment to partnership,” said Dr. Moses Haregewoyn, President of AHS.

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