AHS Awarded Contract with Florida Healthy Kids Corporation

FHKC LogoAutomated Health Systems is excited to announce that we were awarded a contract with the Florida Healthy Kids Corporation (FHKC) to provide services that support the applicants, enrollees, and families touched by the State of Florida Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP). Through this contract, we will support all programs included within the State’s KidCare framework, including the Florida Healthy Kids Program, Children’s Medical Services Managed Care Plan, MediKids, and Medicaid. The focus of the contract will be to maintain a suite of services that supports customers, the Florida KidCare application process, and enrollment into the FHKC Program, and to provide data to FHKC and associated stakeholders. Through this contract, we will deliver a website redesign, mobile app, enhanced analytics, and a full omnichannel experience for customers.

“AHS was formed from a mission to support vulnerable children and families, and we are thrilled with the opportunity to work with FHKC to apply our service, innovations, and business processes to the Florida Healthy Kids Program,” said Dr. Moses Haregewoyn, President of AHS. “AHS has a proven experience of outstanding performance in the State of Florida. The FHKC contract allows us to extend our work in Florida and bring our passion for excellence to FHKC and the families touched by the program.”

Derek Jackson, Vice President, echoed Dr. Haregewoyn’s thoughts. “For over a decade, AHS has established a relationship with the State of Florida and its most vulnerable population of Medicaid members. The opportunity to now expand our partnership with the Florida Healthy Kids Corporation not only inspires our resolve, but also reinforces our commitment. The vision the Florida Healthy Kids Corporation set in motion to advance their program and select AHS as the partner to deliver that vision further increases our dedication to deliver a program that will be a shining example in Florida and throughout the Country.”

The initial term of this contract is five years, with five additional optional years for a total contract term of ten years if all option periods are exercised.

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