Clean Off Your Desk Day

With cold and flu season upon us, each year Automated Health Systems recognizes National Clean Off Your Desk Day as a way to stress the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. According to Kimberly A. Conner, RDN, Executive Senior Vice President of Human Resources, “Our employees are our most valuable asset and we feel it very important to do everything we can to help them stay well. Clean Off Your Desk Day is an annual company initiative designed to remind everyone to take a look around and organize their work space.”

National Clean Off Your Desk Day began in 1982 with Anne Chase Moeller who helped in her father’s office and shared his very cluttered desk. Anne would often have to clean her father’s chaos in order to do her work. When she finished, she would put her things away and leave just to repeat the process next time. At the end of 1982, Anne declared that her father would clean off his desk at least once each year. They entered “National Clean Off Your Desk Day” into the record book for the second Monday in January and the rest is history.