Wyoming Department of Health Awards Contract to AHS

Automated Health Systems, a nationwide contractor for Medicaid programming, was awarded a contract from the Wyoming Department of Health to operate a Customer Service Center that provides client support for eligibility and enrollment business processes for state-funded health insurance programs. AHS will implement several innovations to achieve the state’s vision of a true customer-focused service model that goes well-beyond the operation of a standard call center.  These enhancements will provide Wyoming citizens with a contemporary and efficient customer service experience.

Dr. Moses Haregewoyn, President of Automated Health Systems said, “AHS is a national leader in the Medicaid space and we look forward to bringing our talent and expertise to help the people of Wyoming.”

“Using our technical and operational best practices which reflect the state’s commitment to excellent service and modernization,” Dr. Haregewoyn continued, “this award is an opportunity for us to extend our partnership, enthusiasm and operational expertise to benefit the citizens of Wyoming for years to come.”

The full term of the contract is eight years and three months, including all extension periods. Automated Health Systems, Inc., is based in Pittsburgh, PA and provides Medicaid programming solutions. For more information, contact us at 412.367.3030.