Dr. Moses Haregewoyn, PhD, MBA, MA, MPH


A seasoned, professional, accomplished leader and well-respected administrator with proven business and policy development skills and experience, Dr. Moses Haregewoyn currently directs and oversees Automated Health Systems. He holds a number of academic degrees, including a PhD in Organizational Behavior, an MBA, a Master’s in Sociology and a Master’s in Public Health. He is well-networked with state- and community-based entities, and provider communities throughout Ohio. In any endeavor he undertakes, he bears ultimate responsibility for its execution and completion. His down-to-earth demeanor has earned him the honor of being affectionately addressed by his staff and colleagues as “Dr. Moses.”

During his tenure, Dr. Moses has worked in various capacities in a number of healthcare management programs in many states. His career in healthcare began in 1993 when he worked as a health benefit educator, later as a regional marketing and education director with Maximus – Foundation Health Federal Services in Georgia – then in both New Jersey and New York. In 1999, he joined Automated Health Systems in Ohio working closely with the company executive team and staff at the Ohio Department of Medicaid to ensure project deadlines and the specific needs of the state, its citizens and the program are met.

AHS has worked with the Ohio Department of Medicaid to expand statewide managed care throughout the state for its many populations. This includes enrollment, education and outreach, and working with the provider communities and Managed Care Plans. A few of Dr. Moses’ latest achievements include the healthcare expansion for those who became eligible under the Affordable Care Act, healthcare extended to soon-to-be-released inmates in Ohio’s correctional institutions, and making Ohio’s implementation of Medicare and Medicaid’s integration efforts for dual eligible populations a greater success establishing a standard for other states to follow.

Dr. Moses does not reserve his skills and abilities only for his profession, his service and leadership extend outside the workplace. Having served as an ordained priest in the Orthodox Church, he never abandoned his calling in his heart and deeds which is why people continue to gravitate toward him. He believes he is serving the Lord whether at work or in the Church. He continues to provide ministry as a volunteer to the community and tenders his services as Secretary General to the Archdiocese of the Orthodox Church, based in New York. Together with his wife, he raises their three beautiful daughters in the faith while offering his compassion and help in many forms to those who need it. Dr. Moses’ faith is intertwined with his business acumen which he expresses in his academic life and work. He is currently working on a book manuscript, Faith, Common Sense and Intuition in Leadership.

Dr. Moses is not only a dedicated leader in the business world, but also a well-respected academic. He published his research about political refugees in the United States in book form in 2010 with Lambert Academic Publishing. This work is used as a textbook in the social sciences at a number of US universities. He has taught graduate-level classes in Statistics, Economics of Education and Leadership as adjunct professor at Ashland University and Ohio State University. In addition, he has traveled and participated on panels at international conferences at the European Headquarters in Brussel, the Chamber of Commerce in New Delhi, Moscow University, in Qatar, Dubai, United Arab Emirates and New York, among others.

Dr. Moses has a proven record of achievement in planning, developing, executing, and expanding procedural guidelines and project management operations/workflows to improve the quality of services delivered under his leadership. His intimate knowledge of the necessary tools and systems, combined with his unique qualities of loyalty, integrity and attention to detail, enable him to assemble and maintain effective organizational teams, as well as successfully lead and see projects through to completion in the strategic direction AHS envisions for the clients it serves.

“AHS has provided me with an opportunity to grow and be challenged. I appreciate being treated as a person rather than a number which is rare in today’s working environments.”

Patrick McNutt
Call Center Manger