Robert J. Doran, Jr.

Vice President of Telecommunications

Mr. Robert Doran, Jr. has been with AHS since 1983 and possesses over three decades of experience with health program administration, including nearly 20 years administering telecommunication systems for call center operations. He is responsible for ensuring the appropriate selection, installation and functionality of all of our project telecommunications solutions. In addition, Mr. Doran oversees all telecommunication operations, including transferring phone lines, installing/upgrading hardware and software, testing functionality, and performing ongoing maintenance, as well as ordering and installing of T1 lines and deploying upgrades as needed.  He ensures that phone systems meet or exceed project requirements and that new technologies are appropriately deployed.

“Automated Health Systems is more than just a job to me. It is an equal opportunity for me to attend school where I can continue to pursue my dreams while building professional work ethic skills in the process.”

Krystal Calhoun (IL)

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