Kimberly A. Conner, MS, RDN

Executive Senior Vice President of Human Resources

For nearly two decades prior to joining Automated Health Systems in 1994, Ms. Kimberly Conner was deeply involved in the management of hospital and health care delivery systems focusing on human resource and staff development. Today, as a senior member of the AHS corporate management team, she is responsible for the promotion, administration and implementation of human resources services across the country, as well as managing the human capital  for the company’s 1,000 employees. As a dedicated and thoughtful HR leader, Ms. Conner has amassed over three decades of broad-based experience in training and development, employee relations at all levels, recruitment and staffing in diverse markets, standardization of policies and procedures, quality improvement, strategic planning and business development. She has demonstrated success fostering collegial relationships built on a strong foundation of leadership, adaptability and quality customer service. In addition to spearheading critical infrastructure upgrades to the corporate web services along with departmental initiatives, including conversion to electronic personnel records and performance management systems, Ms. Conner, an accomplished athlete and registered nutritionist, continues to promote staff mentoring and employee health by overseeing the company’s enduring and award winning Corporate Health Challenge program.

“After a year working for AHS, I can say my leaderships skills have evolved. AHS provides a sound foundation while also allowing grace to grow, not only within the company, but as an individual. I strive daily as an employee to seek an opportunity for advancement within the company and I am grateful to be given multiple opportunities to do just that. I’m thankful that AHS has truly made me a better candidate in my work life.”

Kyla Thompson (TN)

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