Vice President of Information Technology

Mr. Eng Tan has nearly two decades of experience leading the dynamic IT team at AHS. He is an accomplished information technology leader with an impressive track record serving as a member of the senior leadership team. He is accountable for IT strategic direction, team development and, most importantly, delivering high quality IT services to our customers that align with their business needs.

With a solid understanding of healthcare operations, Mr. Tan works with various state and third party services to develop innovative solutions that improve operations, enhance productivity and increase user satisfaction. He oversees all IT services, including software development, network, project management, vendor management, hardware and software procurement, and day-to-day operations.

Mr. Tan focuses on building strong, productive partnerships between customers and IT staff by developing and promoting an agile and customer-focused culture within IT. With his high-performing and experienced team of IT professionals, Mr. Tan has planned, managed and executed numerous successful large scale projects on time and within budget, as well as managed ongoing customer needs and changes.

“It all started about three years ago. AHS granted me the opportunity to use my knowledge of the Tenncare program to help our residents. I have come to enjoy my time here and really appreciate the transparency of the organization. Also, I have seen firsthand that they understand when life happens as I had to excuse myself for an extended period of time. When I came back it was as if I had never left. Truly a great place to be.”

Jose Gonzalez (TN)

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