Automated Health Systems, Inc. announced its contract with the Indiana Department of Administration Office of Early Childhood and Out of School Learning (OECOSL) on behalf of the Indiana Family and Social Services Administration (FSSA) to provide Intake Agent Services for the Child Care and Development Fund (CCDF) and On My Way Pre-K programs. The company plays a critical role in the successful administration of the programs and began providing services on October 1, 2019. AHS is responsible for eligibility determination, intake of applicants, maintenance of the CCDF waiting list, enrollment of children with child care providers, and referral of families and prospective providers to their local agency.

AHS developed this partnership with OECOSL to support this critical program.  Working alongside social service agencies and community partners, we are helping to achieve OECOSL’s mission to provide Hoosier parents with informed child care choices that will promote their children’s health, safety and future success throughout their lives.


Automated Health Systems announced the tenth anniversary of its contract award in Florida. For the past decade, AHS has partnered with the Agency for Health Care Administration (AHCA) to provide Enrollment Broker services to one of the largest Medicaid programs in the country. During this time, AHS has worked closely with AHCA as they rolled out multiple key initiatives, including the state’s revolutionary Statewide Medicaid Managed Care program. As the primary contractor, AHS has continued to evolve unique services and technical solutions that reflect AHCA’s commitment to quality. As AHCA prepares for upcoming changes and growth, AHS looks forward to continuing our strong partnership bringing original and innovative tools to assist the citizens of the great State of Florida into the future.

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Automated Health Systems formalized a new partnership with the Delaware Department of Health and Social Services, Division of Medicaid and Medical Assistance to provide health benefits manager services to the Delaware Medicaid and Delaware Healthy Children Programs. Starting on July 1, 2019, AHS enrollment and technical support teams began providing direct assistance to members before and after enrollment into the managed care organization of their choice, including benefit education and non-biased program assistance.

According to Kimberly Conner, Executive Senior Vice President of Human Resources at AHS, “We bring decades of experience, talent and care to the the people of Delaware. Our primary goal is to ensure that each and every person is treated with dignity and respect, and walks away from the table fully satisfied.”

Automated Health Systems, Inc., is the leader in health service management. Since 1979, from its headquarters in Pittsburgh, PA, AHS has partnered with state and local government agencies to connect with the people they serve. Visit www.automated-health.com for more information about AHS and our service to America.

AHS 40th AnniversaryContinuing a journey begun in 1979, Automated Health Systems proudly acknowledges the company’s 40th anniversary. Started as a small, entrepreneurial enterprise in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, AHS has grown to nearly 1,000 employees having worked with nearly half of the state governments in the United States. Today, AHS is the leader in the promotion and management of optimal health care services focusing on low-income families, communities and those most in-need.

Recently honored as a nominee for Leader of the Year by the Pittsburgh Human Resource Association in recognition her outstanding 30-year career achievement in HR, Kimberly A. Conner, Executive Senior Vice President of Human Resources at AHS said, “By any measure, four decades of serving the health care needs of millions of people is a supremely gratifying accomplishment in itself. When you combine that with having the opportunity to work closely with hundreds of highly skilled professionals daily, the personal satisfaction is immeasurable.”

For the past 40 years, AHS has employed thousands of skilled workers across the nation in important positions providing help to those seeking state and federal medical assistance. “As state governments realize that it is in their best interest to self-administer federal financial assistance provided to their citizens, the need will continue for Automated Health Systems to provide the technical expertise necessary to get the job done efficiently and cost-effectively,” Ms. Conner said.

Ms. Conner concluded by saying, “It is our employees who are on the front lines everyday helping those who need it most and I cannot be more proud of the job we do together. Here’s to the next 40 years!”

 Automated Health Systems is looking forward to showcasing our partnership and collaboration surrounding the development of innovative solutions with our longstanding client in Florida, the Agency for Health Care Administration (AHCA). Mr. Damon Rich, Chief of Recipient and Provider Assistance for AHCA, and AHS Vice President of IT, Mr. Eng Tan, will present together at the upcoming Medicaid Enterprise Systems Conference (MESC). MESC is an annual meeting for state, federal and private sector individuals to provide opportunities for the exchange of ideas related to Medicaid systems and heath policy affected by those systems. This year’s conference will be held in Chicago, IL from August 19-22.

The AHCA/AHS presentation entitled, “Modernizing the Member Service Experience for Florida Medicaid,” will focus on the technologies incorporated into operations in Florida that enhance overall service to members. In addition, a discussion about the importance of partnership during implementation of these innovations will be included.

The informative and enterprising presentation by the AHS team is scheduled for August 21 at 4:45pm in Room W183b. We look forward to sharing our insights with you!

Automated Health Systems was honored recently by the Pittsburgh Human Resources Association as a finalist at their Engaging Pittsburgh Awards event held at the Omni William Penn Hotel in Pittsburgh. Nominated for two awards, AHS was a finalist in the Talent, Recruitment & Retention category for its already award-winning Corporate Health Challenge program. In addition, Kim Conner, Executive Senior Vice President of Human Resources at AHS came in as a finalist for the Leader of the Year award.

“I am so proud of the results that our hard work and literal sweat have achieved helping people find their path to a healthy lifestyle,” Kim Conner said, acknowledging the nod given to the Corporate Health Challenge.

The PHRA holds an awards event annually to recognize the outstanding achievements made every day by human resources professionals across the region. Attended this year by Ms. Conner along with members of her HR team, Al Eiler, President of AllTrain and other members of corporate management, the large group of event participants represented a broad cross section of area companies and industries.

“We certainly were in very auspicious company at the event,” Ms. Conner continued, “It was intriguing to hear about the various projects and methods being employed by diverse human resources departments to drive engagement.”

Reflecting on her finish for the Leader of the Year award, Kim said, “Although we did not win, we came out winners. Any opportunity to recognize the dedication of our employees is a big win for us.”

For over a decade the PHRA’s Engaging Pittsburgh: Innovative People Practices has recognized employees and employers from across the region who have demonstrated creativity in designing business practices that have significantly contributed towards organizational and employee achievements. AHS HR management staff are proud PHRA members.

Pittsburgh-based Automated Health Systems (AHS) announced today that it has been nominated for prestigious awards in two categories by the Pittsburgh Human Resources Association (PHRA).  Recognized by the PHRA’s annual Engaging Pittsburgh Awards for 2019, AHS was selected in the Talent, Recruitment & Retention category for its award-winning Corporate Health Challenge program. The initiative focuses on employee good health and nutrition through a vigorous program of exercise and dietary counseling.  In addition, Kimberly Conner, Executive Senior Vice President of Human Resources at AHS was nominated as Leader Of The Year in recognition of her outstanding corporate leadership, and nearly three decades of service to the company and its employees.

“It is truly gratifying to see the fruits of so much labor over so many years come to bear.  The company-sponsored Corporate Health Challenge has been a tremendous success helping our employees enjoy a healthier, more productive lifestyle.” Ms. Conner said.

Reflecting on her long tenure at AHS, Kim stated, “I’ve been very fortunate in my career to have the opportunity to meet and work with so many fine professionals from all walks of life.  Through the good times and bad, I know that we are helping people every single day and I couldn’t imagine doing anything better than that.”

For over a decade the PHRA’s Engaging Pittsburgh: Innovative People Practices has recognized employees and employers from across the region who have demonstrated creativity in designing business practices that have significantly contributed towards organizational and employee achievements.  Winners for 2019 will be announced at the PHRA Engaging Pittsburgh awards celebration on Thursday, April 11 at the Omni William Penn Hotel.

AHS continues to be a committed partner with Healthsource RI, administering contact center services for the Rhode Island State-based Health Insurance Exchange. The numbers from the year-end open enrollment period are in and it was a great success!  According to the latest Rhode Island’s Health Information Survey, only 3.7% of Rhode Islanders were uninsured in 2018 which is down from 4.2% in 2016. HealthSource RI’s individual and family enrollments increased by 1,849. During this open enrollment period, 32,486 customers enrolled in a health insurance plan compared to 30,637 last year. It is rewarding and energizing for AHS to play an integral role connecting Rhode Islanders to high quality, affordable health insurance.

Click here to read the full press release.

We take a moment today to say “Thank You” to all of our dedicated employees working tirelessly to help those most in need.

Automated Health Systems announced the completion of its cross-platform social media management program. Initiated as a result of the recent overhaul of the company’s public website, a team of technical experts undertook the task to fully manage AHS social media profiles on all of the major social media channels, including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. In addition, corporate and employment profiles were addressed with CareerBuilder, Glassdoor, Indeed and Google.

According to Kimberly A. Conner, Executive Senior Vice President of Human Resources at AHS, “We realized that our social media presence wasn’t what it should be. Our team worked tirelessly to create a consistent brand that encourages participation.”

Another component of the social media program includes in-house video production. Corporate videos are showcased on the company’s YouTube channel and website. Ms. Conner said, “We’re very proud of our work helping those most in need obtain health care services. The fact that we can communicate our message instantly to potential job applicants and clients in unique and interesting ways is an invaluable tool.”

Celebrating its 40th anniversary, Automated Health Systems, Inc., is a national health services company headquartered in Pittsburgh, PA. For more information, visit www.automated-health.com.

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